Brian Kim: Worship Leader

This guy, is amazing.

His testimonies. The amount of LOVE he carries in his heart for others, just like our Father. He has been blessed in so many ways. And used in so many ways by God. 

First of all, he is so funny. Oh my gosh, Brian did not cease to keep me from laughing. His humor and friendly approaches were yet again another gift from the Lord. I mean he even said it himself. He was afraid of talking even in front of his classmates… and now he’s performing all around the world. 

Secondly, his testimonies and stories were just yet another reminder from God. The story of 영대.. that brought me to get a little teary. To sum up his story in a sentence, he saved 영대’s life. Young-dae now is in the army, serving as a praise leader. And Brian Kim said, “Nothing is more encouraging than having people come up to me saying that I saved their lives.” And that is literally my heart.. I want to live saving. I want to serve my Lord in a way that pleases Him. I want to spread to everyone the truth. THE ONLY LIVING TRUTH. God is most glorified, when we are most satisfied in Him. You know? 

Lastly, his voice is just amazingggg. Listening to his cd right now<3

Anyways..  to sum up my night, his concert was a blessing for me. Just looking upon the cross today, brought my heart to clench. My prayers go out to worship leader, Brian Kim. That I will be able to see his works among the nations, through our Father. That he will continuously stay safe and be loved by more and more. Hoping to attend another concert, if given the chance! 

Sunday Apr 4 @ 12:04am
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